What happens when a cyclist experiences pain when riding? There are limited options out there.

If a bike rider is having discomfort on the bike – the most common complaints are pain/numbness in the neck, back, knees, saddle area, and hands/feet – they can choose to see:


A doctor / physical therapist

Medical professionals are very knowledgable about your body, but they don't always know a lot about cycling or proper bike-fitting. (In fact, many will say “just stop riding your bike already.”)


A bike shop employee

Bike shop employees are very knowledgeable about bikes and the latest equipment, but they probably don't know a lot about an individual's specific body mechanics and the underlying cause of pain.

What if there was a third option?

The best solution: a wellness clinic that combines the “medical side” – diagnosing and treating a bike rider’s pain – with specialized bike-fit skills and passion for all levels of cycling.

This option exists: Pedal PT.

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